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So guys, at my school we have a senior, Hannah Wagernackle, and she has Down’s syndrome. Despite that, she is very popular, and on our cheerleading team. A few weeks ago, she asked James Maslow, from Big Time Rush, to prom through a video. The video has over 20,000 hits, and on Friday morning, he sent a response. Sadly, he could not make it to our prom because he would be shooting for Dancing with the Stars. Instead, he flew her and her mom and sister out to LA for an extended weekend with him. He took them to Disneyland, and she is coming with him to shoot DWTS on Monday and they are going to have their own special prom dance. I cannot believe this happened to one of us. Please share this story, Hannah’s story, to show that not all celebrities are douches to their fans.

Happy Birthday Sam, you’re a little shit, but ily and i hope you have an amazing day and IMY YOU JERK<33

SAM YOU’RE FINALLY NOT YOUNGER THAN ME  WELL FOR AWHILE but now we’re exactly the same age :P THIS IS GOING TO GET VERY SOBBY AND LONG. I just wanted to start off by saying i’m so glad i met you. I’ve known you for a long time but i’m still glad that we became closer than ever before. I will never regret that day where I asked you for a tutorial and you made me download skype and all that crap then that night we had our first audio call and that’s the day that began our friendship. You are like my brother that I’ve always wanted and I can’t wait till you come here to America OR I GO THERE. You never fail to make me laugh, you’re one of the funniest person I know on here and even though we don’t talk as much as we used to, when we do talk its like we talked everyday and that’s all that matters. I wanted to make you something amazing but all i am good at is making gifs and my gifs aren’t even that great. I’ve made you that playlist you wanted because you wanted more r&b/hip-hop music in your life. I wish i could actually send you a gift but this will have to do until i get a job and can pay for me to mail you something lol. BUT SAM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND YOU’RE AMAZING AND JUST THE BEST PERSON EVER. You’re so kind and you have been there for me and have helped me through mostly everything. I hope you enjoy your day today and get some if not all the gifts you want. HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM

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my cousin once asked me out by giving me a Tiffany co. pretty ring i took it and said ew  to him


so i’ve been seeing all these articles and posts about celebrities’ misappropriation of culture by wearing bindis to coachella, first of all traditional bindis are red dots that are made of this ((holy/sacred)) powder, second of all the jewelled ones they wear arent even cultural, they’re meant to be decorative and worn at events and parties and stuff. if indians don’t have a problem with it, i don’t think anyone else has the right to feel that way thank u :))